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You are not an isolated individual but part of a broader community with similar experiences. It is often easy to forget this when living under continually difficult social circumstances and the fear of discrimination.

Please join us for a short-term support group for trans-identified individuals. This group aims to provide a safe and mutually supportive environment for its members to share their personal struggles and triumphs.

Venue: Roosevelt Park Area, Johannesburg
Day: Wednesday evenings from 01 August 2012 until 19 September 2012
Time: 19h00 to 20h30
Duration: 8 consecutive weeks
Cost : R200 per session (partly reclaimable from medical aids)


This is a short-term supportive therapy group for M2Fs and F2Ms at various stages of their journey.

The group aims to provide a safe, confidential and mutually supportive space where members may share experiences that they are struggling with and would like to discuss in the group.

Benefits of group work

One of the powerful aspects of group work is that one may often see aspects of yourself in others. These are both aspects that you embrace and aspects of yourselves and your past that are difficult to accept.

By committing to a group process one has the potential to:
1) learn more about yourself and the way you interact with those around you,
2) learn through others’ struggles and triumphs,
3) receive fresh insights and feedback from the group around concerns that may be troubling you, and
4) the opportunity to provide support to others.

Group membership reminds one that you are not an isolated individual but part of a broader community.

About the facilitator

I am clinical psychologist in private practice in Parkhurst. I completed my Masters in Clinical Psychology at the University of the Western Cape (well-known for its liberal thinking) and my community service at Sizwe Tropical Disease Hospital for patients with MDR and XDR tuberculosis. I see members of the LGBTI community in my practice and completed my honours research around transsexual identity at the University of Cape Town with the assistance of Gender Dynamix (Cape Town).

How do I join?

Contact me on 081 263 2217 if you would like to join this much-needed group. I will forward you an application form and arrange a mutually convenient time for us to get to know one another and assess whether groupwork is best suited to your needs. This consultation is charged at a fee of R200.

Places in the group are limited to 8 members so please do apply soonest.

This group is too far from home or you require a different time slot?

Please feel free to forward your details to me if you would like to attend a similar group at a different time or know that there is a need for this support group in your area."

I will forward you an application form


Thanks for taking this opportunity to discuss this, I appreciate with this and if you have some more information please share it with me

Paula Jooste

Plz help me find a transgender support group for my girlfriend who has recently discovered she is transgender and wld like to have surgery to turn into a man. Lots of love Paula. We stay in Douglasdale, Johannesburg so if you know the closest one to us wld b greatly appreciated. xoxo


Hi my name is Duane. I'm a crossdresser. I live in Randburg. I don't have an email adress. I would like support of been a women. Please help. Please contact me on 0761546929. It would b much appreciated. Thanx


Hi just want to know when and where meetings will be held in 2013, i really need your help and info.x0x0x


I am a TG who needs help and support


if this page is still active I would like info on transgender friendly doctors please and support


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