The Kaleidoscope Youth Network comprises of 18 members that form a network of student LGBTIA organisations. The network will host its annual general meeting (Lekgotla) in Potchefstroom's Kwena Lodge this year from the 30 Mar – 4 Apr 2012. Lekgotla is an annual opportunity for member organizations within the network to convene. It allows for representatives from across South Africa to voice the needs of their communities. The AGM is hosted at no costs to the society representatives, and is slowly extending to include delegates who would generally not have a voice in the forum.

Policy within the network is discussed along with issues related to leadership in the various constituencies. An election is held for a new Executive Committee, and workshops take place. This year, the Lekgotla will focus on Safe Sex and the promotion there of (Jay Maltou), Arts for advocacy teambuilding (GALA) as well as discussions around international and local engagement of the network. This year the Lekgotla process will be facilitated by younger activists, Gabriel Khan, Ella Kotze and the Kaleidoscope National Convenor Anzio Jacobs. The aim is to strengthen leaders in their leadership styles, but also to broaden their knowledge of the LGBTIA community which they serve. It is also an excellent opportunity to network with other leaders and to take from their experiences in the field of activism.

Kaleidoscope Youth Network has come a long way since its inception. In 2007, student society ACTIVATE Wits hosted the first LGBT Youth Leaders Lekgotla at Wits University. Subsequent Lekgotla’s were hosted over the past years in 2008 (Rhodes), 2009 (UCT), 2010 (UP) and 2011 (Potchefstroom).

 In 2009, Kaleidoscope was officially launched at UCT Lekgotla’s have been guided by some of the most passionate and experienced activists in the sector, such as – Edwin Cameron, Zackie Achmat, Phumi Mtetwa, Emily Craven, Dawn Cavanagh and Vanessa Ludwig, to name a few. Lekgotla alumni have gone on to work at 1in9, HIVOS and Wits University. They remain passionate about the work of a network which they nurtured, and continue to give advice and support where they can.

The Kaleidoscope Youth Network is governed by the charter set out by delegates in the initial years of work. In 2011, the network chose to form a constitution, as it was felt that the charter, although a strong document, was not sufficient to capture all rules and regulations which the network was to be guided by. With its mission to epower youth leaders, eradicate hate crimes and promote the wellbeing of LGBTIA identified youth in South Africa. The Kaleidoscope Youth Network is currently led by a5-person Executive team that is accountable to the collective for all decisions made on behalf of it. All the executive team volunteer time and resources to ensure the network remains functional at all times. The bulk of communication maintained via email and Facebook

Kaleidoscope is proud to announce the following members under the network, as they span South Africa, and provide LGBTIA support to students in 6 regions.

POUT,OUT n PROUD, FLAMBOYANT TUT, UP&OUT, ACTIVATE Wits, UJ Liberati APK, UJ Liberati DFC, OUT@Kovsies, Shadows in the Rainbow, MOVE UKZN, OUT Rhodes, Eloquor Knights, Rainbow Blood, UFH LGBT, Lesbigay, RainbowUCT, GAYLA, LOUDEnuf, GLOSCput


•             National Convenor –Anzio Jacobs

•             National Vice-Convenor –Tish White

•             Logistical Manager –Celia Engelbrecht

•             Public Relations Officer –Philly Makwakwa

•             Secretary –Stefan Van


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Twitter -@Kaleidoscopenet


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