FEW - Defending Women, Advancing Rights
Dear Friends, Comrades, Colleagues

In the past month we as the LGBTI community of South Africa have witnessed and experienced immense trauma and pain, due to the ongoing attacks killings against LGBTI persons. We say enough is enough. We met this past Friday and collectively decided to take action against hate-crimes and violence.

South Africa is increasingly shamed by the lack of response from key leaders in South Africa towards attacks against vulnerable persons, namely, LGBTI persons, refugees, migrants, immigrants and asylum seekers, women and children. WE have to put a stop to these homophobic and xenophobic attacks.

We call on you to join us on Mandela's Birthday, 18 July 2012, to give your 67 minutes to civic action against hate-crimes. Mandela gave his life for human rights and activism, and so should we. Mandela also gave his life for the vision of living in a free South Africa, he was a dedicated member of the ANC.

The ANC drafted the Freedom Charter and we fought against all forms of discrimination. Now we live in a democratic state with a progressive constitution, we have to uphold the ideals, that the "People's Power, Reign Supreme".

The ANC has failed us! the President of the ANC has been silent on violence, homophobia and xenophobia. The ANC has excluded sexual orientation from its gender policy and is silent on hate crimes and violence against LGBTI persons.

We are spending 67 minutes on Mandela's birthday, to protest against the silence of the ANC and demand action against hate crimes and violence.

Join us:

18 July 2012 Library Gardens, 11h00 - 13h00 in Johannesburg. We will hand over a memorandum to the ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe.

In addition we will hold a political and commemorative vigil at 6pm - 8pm, at the Women's Jail, Constitution Hill. Bring a blanket, a candle, flowers, anything you wish to bring to remember our fellow LGBTI friends and loved ones, killed over the past years.

For more information please contact
FEW : 011 4031907

In solidarity


For more information please contact


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